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The Crown Jewel of Online Casinos

Welcome to Casino 7Regal, the online casino with a crown. Get ready to experience 5 star gaming at its best. Prepare yourself for VIP customer support that we extend to every player. It's the Casino 7Regal experience.

Touch of Class

We strive to top your high standards. Our games are carefully chosen. If you see a 3 reel slot game like Hot Gems at Casino 7Regal, it's because of the progressive jackpot. Our scratch card games follow the same guidelines - fun gameplay and high payouts. Isn't it fun to bet one coin on a 7 digit jackpot?

Gaming with Integrity

There's only one thing more important than excellence in customer support and that's fairplay. Our games undergo stringent 3rd party tests on a regular basis. We assure you that your personal information is secure with us thanks to our high-end encryption. Your fair odds are important to us and we're proud of our winners.

A Modern Cashier

At Casino 7Regal, we only work with the most honest and up to date cashier services. You should expect prompt deposits and withdrawals - the fastest in the industry. Many of our cashier partners offer a 10-15% additional bonus per deposit! Whoever you choose to go with, you can be rest assured that your requests will be handled professionally.

Competitive Promotions

Our marketing team is proud of the new player bonuses that we offer. Casino 7Regal has something for every type of player - from newbies to mid-rollers to high-rollers. It's a matter of flexibility on our part. We offer you a deposit and bonus range and you decide what's best for you.

Play Your Way

Do you prefer to play on the web? Or are you a fan of standalone online casino software? If you are playing while doing other things and are used to playing games on the web, then the web version of Casino 7Regal is best for you. Fans of our software will enjoy playing with no distractions - it's just you and Casino 7Regal.

Hi-Tech Gaming

Whether you play on the web or use our software, you will be impressed with Casino 7Regal's technology. Our web games load within seconds and the graphics and sound are second to none. Our coin purchase and redemption system was designed to offer integrity and fast processing.